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Bruce Creeten, a Belgian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer had a multicultural upbringing, having lived in Italy, the United Arab Emirates, India, and the United Kingdom. He completed his studies at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp, Belgium, in 2015.


Since then, Bruce has released several albums under the pseudonym FFAUX and has established himself in Electronica and other cinematic genres, while also successfully venturing into Soul and Hip-Hop.

He has collaborated as a composer and performer with emerging artists and bands such as Blu Samu,  KRANKk, Roedel and Corrupted (Younis).


In Antwerp Bruce has set up his own studio in 2020 and has contributed to various projects in the art scene, gaming industry and television.

His first works included the sound design and scores for the video game "Daemmerlicht" by Synthcoder, and the production of the soundtrack for the American award-winning short film There Is Light In us by Bruce Tetsuya

More recently he has composed a rock score and an orchestral score for two new reality shows of Banijay Productions,


Today, Bruce actively collaborates and produces for Infinite Samples in the UK, whose music samples have been used in Netflix, HBO and Universal Studios productions.








Audio & Video Post-Production



Trusting brands.


Recent work.

CLUMSY QUEEN (Composition-Mixing)

DAEMMERLICHT (Composition-Sound Design)

FORLORN (Composition-Mixing/Mastering)

HET SPIJT MIJ (Composition-Sound Design)

THERE IS LIGHT IN US (Sound Design-Mixing)

MAKE ME NOTHING (Composition-Sound Design)

DOODLOPEND (Composition-Sound Design)

BRUT (Composition-Sound Design-Mixing/Mastering )



WOLFRAM is a collection of curated samples organised into four separate categories: Dirt, Melodic, Pattern and SFX. Each sample was designed using select vintage audio recording gear and coloured with a TASCAM A-3440 Tape machine. This pack was created with specifically film and motion picture in mind. A collection of 80+ samples for independent filmakers and seasoned film houses alike, to instantly set the right mood for the right scene.


This bundle was never designed with the idea of creating one. These are just a collection of sounds I thought were interesting and inspiring. All sounds included were recorded over the years. Previous attzmps and takes for songs long gone and left into the forgotten. They are all snippets of hour-long recordings sent through my personal tracking chain and tape machine a couple of times. I have purposefully kept these recording in their “raw fform” meaning I have not sought out tempos and quantized any of them, they are just me playing straight in without a click track. Nor have the keys been sought out or have they been tuned.. Both I leave up to you. Mangle, stretch and manipulate them to your liking, and I hope something cool comes out along the way. If you do end up incorporate these samples into your music I would very much love to hear them.

I truly hope they inspire.





Pangea : Sample Pack // New & Lethal sounds using Pangea as the base then layered with outboard synths, manipulated, treated, remixed, reimagined and sent to processing heaven // Featuring the immense talents of Snakes Of Russia, Sombre Lux, Inhuman, Synthmonk, ffaux, Matthew Simms, 0 0 0, Jacob Maloney, Dean Valentine, SWANN // Remixes / additional layers from Robert Dudzic // Out Now Manipulated, layered & treated using outboard synths such as Lyra 8, Moog Voyager, Juno 60, DX7, Eurorack, Art Pro VLA II, ES-3 & ES-6, God's Box Lollipop, SOMA Lyra 8 FX, Animal Factory Bonesaw, Black Spring Reverb, Desmodus Versio and Ochd, Overstayer Modular channel, Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet Mk2, Roland Re201 Space Echo, Moog Model D, Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Make Noise DPO, DSI Ob6, Tascam M216 Mixer, Ssl G Comp, Strymon Bigsky, Strymon Timeline, Thermionic Culture Rooster 2, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Tlaudio Ivory Tube Compressor, Thermionic Culture, Api 2500 Bus Compressor, Thermionic Culture Pheonix, Otari Mx5050 & More

The Studio.

Audio-visual work.

In Ferris Jabr’s words “a brainless slime mold that redefines intelligence… they solve mazes and mimic the layout of manmade transportation networks, all without a brain or nervous system.” In particular, P. Polycephalum leaves a trail of translucent slime, a marker to avoid areas it has already traveled. An externalized spatial memory to explore new frontiers and push boundaries, with excellent efficiency. This is the salient quality that inspired Mycelia, the first collaboration between composer/producer ffaux, and visual artist synthcoder. Mycelia is an AV work infusing the behavior and feeling of a living organism through custom code written in HLSL, implemented in Unreal Engine. The interactive real time visuals mimic the mold’s growth through space and time, with up to 3 species at a time. Frequency analysis of the music provides audio parameters which are used to drive the mold’s growth. Secondly, Mycelia is also a living organism’s attempt to understand another with curiosity, fascination, and great reverence. The scenography is laid out in such a way that it shrouds the viewer a spatial experience. With two separate projectors, one for the background and one for a monolith, both running a separate instance of Unreal Engine. As there is no set border between them, the distance between artist and viewer distorts — born of code, bound by copper. A movement of growth and decay. We invite you to experience this.




For any inquiries don't hesitate to contact me at

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